Legal Right to Play Baseball

“I just wanted to thank each of you for the help you have given us. A few weeks ago we contacted you asking for help for my daughter XXX as she was told she could not try out for her middle school baseball team because she was a girl. We reviewed all the information you provided us and were better prepared to talk again with the school.

After providing them with the information on her rights they agreed to allow her to try out. So after a very long week of try outs today she was informed not only did she make the team but she finished in the top 3. She was so happy not only that she made the team but during the try outs she was treated just like everyone else. I think it is wonderful that there people like yourselves who are there to help girls follow their dreams!” – Parent


Know your rights as an American baseball player

Access to America’s past time has been limited for girls and women throughout history. American culture has determined that boys play baseball and girls play softball. Despite this cultural undercurrent, over 40% of Major League Baseball’s fans are women.

If women grew up playing baseball instead of softball or another sport, the MLB female fan base would likely grow. Some girls do start their sporting careers in baseball. Approximately 150,000 girls are playing youth baseball but only 1000 continue on to play for their high school team.

If girls had opportunities to play baseball along side other girls, through youth baseball, high school, and college, then the sport of baseball would grow.


Links that may help

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WSF’s Step by Step: A Practical Guide to Assessing and Getting Gender Equity”

Baseball and Softball: Should Girls and Women Have to Choose?
A position paper from the Women’s Sports Foundation

NCAA: Softball & Baseball Are Different
Thanks to WSF, NCAA has agreed that softball and baseball are different sports.


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If you have been unfairly cut from a team or are told that you are not even allowed to tryout for a team JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE A GIRL - help is on the way! Many players from the BFA have faced discrimination in baseball – including BFA Founder, Justine Siegal. BFA can help you fill your dreams of baseball glory.
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