National Girls Baseball Tournament

July 31-August 4, 2019

Rockford, IL
Home of the original Rockford Peaches of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

Game Schedule and Recaps:

Note: We have not received updates for any games that are not updated below.



Thursday, August 1

12:30 PM - Arizona Peaches 14, SF Bay Sox 5. The Bay Sox got a 3 run homer by Rio Alcantar to send a jolt of life through to their fans in the stands. 

2:30 PM - LA Monarchs 9, SF Bay Sox 8. Amalia Lopez had a strong pitching performance for the Bay Sox, striking out 3. 

Friday, August 2

9:00 AM - Arizona Peaches 13, SF Bay Sox 1. Bay Sox starting pitcher Rosalie Porter had two hits and recorded 5 strikeouts on the day. 

11:00 AM - LA Monarchs 8, SF Bay Sox 5. Bay Sox starting pitcher Amalia Lopez threw 3 innings giving up 1 run and striking out 8.

Saturday, August 3

9:00 AM - Arizona Peaches 10, LA Monarchs 0

11:00 AM - LA Monarchs 13, Bay Sox 6.

7:00 PM - Championship


Thursday, August 1

12:30 PM - LA Monarchs 15, Toronto Cardinals 0. Defending 11U Champs open up their 2019 title defense behind dominant pitching and solid hitting by the team highlighted by quality outings of Meredith Kenny, Daisy Armederiz, and Riley Capistron and the bats of Reese Melton and Arden Hittner. This was this first Monarchs game where every player recorded a hit.

2:30 PM - Toronto Dream Team 14, East Bay Oaks 0. Zoey Falardeau struck out 11 in 4 innings in the Toronto win. Viv and Laura Bach each had two hits for the winners. The Oaks showed the versatility that exists in its deep roster with players like Brea, Selena and Aubrey pitching and others like Jesse, Sadie, and Lola  catching. 

4:30 PM - Boston Slammers 10, NY Wonders 7. An early lead was established when Kiana Kluesner hit 2 triples while Adriana Torres and Adelaide Frank smacked 3 hits apiece. Pitchers struck out 16 New York batters, with starter Adelaide Frank leading the charge with 6 Ks and Avery Soares protecting our lead with 5 Ks.

4:30 PM - East Bay Hurricanes vs. DC Force

Friday, August 2

9:00 AM - DC Force 13, Toronto Cardinals 8

11:00 AM - LA Monarchs 11, DC Force 5. Monarchs stayed in front with the booming bat of Daisy Armendariz and solid outings by their pitchers.

1:00 PM - EB Hurricanes 20, NY Wonders 2.

1:00 PM - EB Oaks 15, Toronto Cardinals 10. Jesse, Lola, Anne and Katia took turns on the mound while Piper and Brea put on the catcher’s gear for the victorious Oaks.

3:00 PM - BOS Slammers 12, TOR Dream Team 7. Adelaide Frank, Theymardy Suazo-Pena, and Adriana Torres all had multiple hits, with Adelaide going 4 for 4 and continuing to shine as a team leader. Kiana Kluesner once again delivered a poised and powerful pitching performance, collecting five strikeouts in three innings.

3:00 PM - LA Monarchs 6, EB Oaks 3. Tough challenge for the Monarchs as the Oaks bats kept them busy. The resilience of fielders Abby Hsu, Reese Melton, and Riley Capistron, matched with the catching wall of Kate Weller, was able to hold them off while the bats of Mailani Ramos-Platt and Arden Hittner pulled in some insurance runs and the stellar outing of closer Natalie Zuzek sealed the W. For the Oaks, highlights in batting came from Selena, Aubry and Jesse. 

5:00 PM - TOR Dream Team 19, NY Wonders 5.

5:00 PM - EB Hurricanes 14, BOS Slammers 8. The Slammers entertained fans with several heads-up moments throughout, including Corrina Wise’s aggressive base-running that turned a routine walk into a three-stolen-base run thanks to quick thinking and a determination reminiscent of Jackie Robinson. 

11U Seeding

#1 LA Monarchs
#2 East Bay Hurricanes
#3 Boston Slammers
#4 Tor Dream Team
#5 East Bay Oaks
#6 Tor Cardinals
#7 DC Force
#8 NY Wonders

Saturday, August 3

9:00 AM - Gold Game A #1 LA Monarchs 2, #4 Tor Dream Team 0

11:00 AM - Gold Game B #2 EB Hurricanes 8, #3 Boston Slammers 2. Adelaide Frank led the charge on the mound with a solid performance with 7 Ks in four innings. Adelaide and Kiana Kluesner also led the team at the plate with 4 out of the 5 team hits.

1:00 PM - Silver Game C #5 EB Oaks vs #8 NY Wonders

3:00 PM - #4 Toronto Dream Team 26, #3 Boston Slammers 8 (consolation). The Slammers battled at the plate and Kiana Kluesner led the team at the plate going 2-3 with 4 RBIs.

3:00 PM - Silver Game D #6 Tor Cardinals vs #7 DC Force

7:00 PM - Game C Loser vs Game D Loser

Sunday, August 4

8:30 AM - Silver Championship Winner Game C vs Winner Game D

8:30 AM - Gold Championship Winner Game A #1 LA Monarchs vs Winner Game B #2 EB Hurricanes


Thursday, August 1

12:30 PM - Boston Slammers Red 16, NY Wonders 1. Sophia Buzzelle and Angie Valenzuela each had two hits and Maggie Foxx homered in Boston's 16-1 win. Riley Keblin and Celia Collins combined to allow three hits and strike out 6 in the 4-inning game.

2:30 PM - EB Oaks 4, Boston Slammers Blue 1. The East Bay Oaks were led by three pitchers, Christina Noonan, Maya Davis and Jasmine Chao only giving up one run.  Hits by Christina Noonan, Hannah Conger and Lauren Riccobelli lead to 4  runs in the 4th inning.

2:30 PM - Pioneers vs DC Force

4:30 PM -  SF Bay Sox 15, Pioneers 7.

4:30 PM - TOR Dream Team vs LA Monarchs

Friday, August 2

9:00 AM - Pioneers vs LA Monarchs

9:00 AM - BOS Slammers Red 16, Toronto Dream 0. Celia Collins threw three hitless innings and Ellie Etemad-Gilbertson socked a two-run homer as the Slammers breezed past the Dream. (Radio broadcast)

11:00 AM - EB Oaks 9, LA Monarchs 3. Oaks scored 6 runs in 2nd inning with big hits from Samara Singh, Jasmine Chao and Christina Noonan. Singh, Lauren Riccobelli and Jane Wallace held the Monarchs to 3 runs.

11:00 AM - BOS Slammers Red 13, Pioneers 4. Maggie Foxx picked up the win for Boston, striking out six, and five players tallied multiple hits as Boston won 13-4. Ellie Etemad-Gilbertson drove in three runs. 

1:00 PM - East Bay Oaks 18, DC Force 0.  Three pitchers combined for a shutout. Samara Singh had three hits for the Oaks. 

1:00 PM - NY Wonders 17,  TOR Dream Team 2. The Wonders were led by Maddy Peterson's outstanding pitching performance. Both Sammi Purdue and Gigi Schiano had multiple hits in the win. 

3:00 PM - SF Bay Sox 15, DC Force 1. The Bay Sox received a strong pitching performance from Eliza Gould. Georgia Miles and Julia Benjamin had three hits apiece to lead the Bay Sox offense. 

3:00 PM - BOS Slammers Blue 11, NY Wonders 9. The Wonders trailed 11-3 and played six in the top of the fifth. Maddy Peterson and Sammi Purdue each had multiple hits and multiple RBI. Sammy Agredo's pitching shut down the Slammers' impressive offense. Izzy O'Brien earned the win for the Slammers, striking out five batters over four innings of work. She also drove in two runs.

5:00 PM - SF Bay Sox 10, BOS Slammers Blue 3. Sophia Turnbull went 3-for-4 at the plate to pace the Bay Sox in hits.

Saturday, August 3

9:00 AM - NY Wonders vs LA Monarchs

9:00 AM - BOS Slammers Blue, DC Force. The Slammers Blue team wqn behind solid starting pitching from Megan Kron and a three-run homer from Adina Barrett. (Radio broadcast)

11:00 AM - BOS Slammers Red, SF Bay Sox 5. Ellie Etemad-Gilbertson went four innings and allowed one run and one hit to get the win. Maggie Foxx had three hits in four at-bats, and Elise Berger, Aly Slamin, Etemad-Gilbertson, and Angie Valenzuela all racked up two apiece. (Radio broadcast)

11:00 AM - EB Oaks 12, TOR Dream Team 5.

13U Seeding

1 Oaks
2 Slammers Red
3 Bay Sox
4 Slammers Blue
5 Monarchs 
6 Pioneers 
7 Wonders 
8 Force
9 Dream Team

3:00 PM - Game D #9 Dream Team vs #8 Force

3:00 PM - Game C #6 Pioneers vs #7 Wonders

5:00 PM - Game A #1 Oaks 7, #4 Slammers Blue 6. The Oaks won 7-6 in 8 innings. The Slammers scored 5 runs in the top of the fifth inning to tie the game at 6-6, and Yasmeen Aubrey's pitching held the Oaks in check. A bases-loaded walk in the bottom of the 8th proved to be the difference.

5:00 PM - Game B #2 Slammers Red 3, #3 Bay Sox 1. Elise Berger struck out 14 for the Slammers, scattering three hits in the win. Sophie Turnbull homered for the lone Bay Sox run. (Inning 1 and Innings 2-6 Radio)

Sunday, August 4

8:30 AM - Gold Championship Boston Slammers 4, East Bay Oaks 2 (7). Boston Slammer Aly Slamin and Samara Singh of the Oaks locked horns in a pitcher's duel. The Slammers scratched two runs across in the top of the seventh inning and Angie Valenzuela held the Oaks scoreless to give the Slammers the title. Radio broadcast

8:30 AM - Silver Championship Underdog Winner Game C vs #5 Seed


Thursday, August 1

12:30 PM - Pioneers 11, MW Riveters 5. The Riveters were led by Briah Williams who was 1 for 1 with a double and 2 walks in addition to an highlight reel-worthy play throwing out a runner at home from CF. In addition, Emma Isaacson was 2-3 with a walk in addition to 1 1/3 innings of scoreless work on the mound.

2:45 PM - NY Wonders 21, Boston Base 2. Audrey Wood, Erika Holt, Dani Heady, Lily Woodworth and Jane Littleton were fantastic on the mound. Minseo Park, Nadia Chernich, and Sabrina Lawless were standouts at the plate.

4:45 PM - Pioneers 13, Toronto Cardinals 2

Friday, August 2

8:00 AM - NY Wonders 5, Cardinals 4. Allie Ning was dominant on the mound in four shutout innings, and Lily Woodworth broke the 0-0 tie in the fourth with a two-out, two-run single. Erika Holt and Alexis Ahle also recorded big hits, while Sabrina Lawless and Woodworth closed out the game.

10:30 AM - MW Riveters 21, Toronto Cardinals 6. Maren Donlon led the way with 3 hits and 2 RBI.  Nuvia Juruegi and Trista Osendorf each had a triple to spark the offense.

1:00 PM - NY Wonders 12, Pioneers 6. Jane Littleton hit a home run to lead-off the game, and the Wonders scored 10 runs in the first two innings. Erika Holt twirled a masterpiece on the mound and Liitleton closed it out. The Wonders had 13 hits, led by Minseo Park, Sabrina Lawless, Nadia Chernich and Holt. Minseo Park, Lily Woodworth and Alexis Ahle contributed outstanding defense.

3:30 PM - MW Riveters 21, Boston Base 3.  The Riveters offense was led by Lily Pasquarelli who was 3 for 3 with 6 RBI including a triple and an inside the park homerun.  Briah Williams also contributed 4 RBI with some key hits along with 2 scoreless innings on the mound.

6:00 PM - Pioneers 15, Boston Base 0

Saturday, August 3

8:00 AM - Toronto Cardinals 20, Boston Base 0

10:30 AM - NY Wonders 6, MW Riveters 3. Aubrey Wood picked up the W for the Wonders, whose offense came from great baserunning and hits from Minseo Park, Erika Holt and Alexis Ahles. Nuvia Juruegi tossed 3 strong innings on the mound for the Riveters.  At the plate, Skylinn Pogue scored 2 runs and hit a triple to lead off the game.  

1 Wonders
2 Pioneers
3 Riveters 
4 Cardinals
5 Base

1:00 PM - Underdog #4 Cardinals vs #5 Base

3:30 PM - Game A #2 Pioneers  vs #3 Riveters

Sunday, August 4

8:00 AM - #1 seed Wonders vs Game A Winner


Thursday, August 1

12:30 PM - Windy City Huskies 8, Boston Slammers 3

12:30 PM - DC Force 10, NY Wonders 7. DC held off a late rally by the NY Wonders to win 10-7. Paloma Benach got the win with 3 innings of pitching giving up one run while striking out five. Jordan Eyster drove in five runs for the Force. 

2:45 PM - NY Wonders 5, LA Monarchs 3.

3:00 PM - SF Evolution 8, Boston Slammers 2

4:45 PM - LA Monarchs 4, DC Force 1. It was a pitchers' duel for four innings until LA broke it open in the fifth. Anya Bergfeld threw four shutout innings for the Force.  Anna Hobbs pitched 4 shutout innings, scattering just 2 hits to get the win for the Monarchs.  

5:30 PM - Windy City Huskies 4, SF Evolution 3

Friday, August 2

8:00 AM - Boston Slammers 4, LA Monarchs 0. Katie Cantrell got the start for Boston Slammers 18U and allowed two hits and zero runs over five innings, striking out four. Madeline Elbert went 2-for-3 at the plate. 

8:00 AM - Windy City Huskies 5, DC Force 3

12:00 PM - SF Evolution 15, DC Force 5

12:00 PM - Boston Slammers 10, NY Wonders 1. Boston benefitted from stellar pitching from Lucie Anctil and Julia Collins, who combined to allow just five hits and one run. Jess Leonard and Alexia Jorge combined to drive in five runs for Boston. Katie Reynolds' throw to home to cut down Olivia Pichardo ended the Wonders' threat in the fourth inning.

4:45 PM - Windy City Huskies 17, NY Wonders 0

4:45 PM - SF Evolution 6, LA Monarchs 5. Lauren Cockrell scored on a wild pitch in the bottom of the seventh to give the Evolution the win. Athena Clendaniel went the distance for the Monarchs, retiring 10 in a row at one point, and Niamh Mayhew drove in two with a first-inning single. (Radio broadcast)

18U Seeding

#1 Windy City Huskies 
#2 SF Evolution 
#3 Boston Slammers
#4 LA Monarchs
#5 DC Force
#6 NY Wonders

Saturday, August 3

8:00 AM - Game B  Boston Slammers over the NY Wonders.

8:00 AM - Game A DC Force 5, LA Monarchs 3

10:30 AM - Game D #2 SF Evolution 4, Boston Slammers 2

10:30 AM - Game C #1 Windy City Huskies 11, DC Force 1

3:00 PM - Boston Slammers vs. DC Force.

Sunday, August 4

7:45 AM - #2 SF Evolution vs #1 Windy City Huskies. 

All times and schedule subject to change and human error:)

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