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“Baseball for All captures the spirit, the cooperation and the equality for which our game stands. If there’s anything better than a past of father-son games of catch, it’s a future of mother-daughter games of catch.” Tim Brown, Baseball Writer

Growing Girls Baseball

“I started looking for opportunities for my 9-year old daughter to play ball with other girls. We decided to try [making a team] on our own for our fall program. We were able to register 30 girls, and I can clearly say it has been a total success. I would have never tried it if not for reading about what have you been doing. I wouldn’t have thought it could be even possible. It inspired us to just try it. I’m so glad we did. If a town of under 20,000 can do this in the offseason, there is no doubt in my mind it can happen anywhere and everywhere.” – Brent, Parent & Coach

Baseball For All helps parents, players, leagues, and supporters interested in starting their own baseball programs for girls. With dozens of successful girls baseball teams all across the country, we have built an established network and developed resources to help you organize an your own all-girls baseball team.   

Teams and players within Baseball For All have competed in local leagues or tournaments and also have the opportunity to play in all-girls baseball tournaments including BFA’s Nationals—the largest all-girls baseball tournament in the country.   

A map of girls' baseball teams in North America appears below and can also be found here (will open in Google Maps). Baseball For All is proud to identify those who have played in tournaments sponsored by Baseball For All. Baseball For All is not a governing body nor is there an affiliate or partnership agreement with the teams/leagues and organizations identified beyond their participation in Baseball For All tournaments and events.

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